Celebrating National Margarita Day at Mi Jalisco

~ 02/15/2022 ~

Celebrating National Margarita Day at Mi Jalisco

With National Margarita Day being later this month, our team at Mi Jalisco wanted to add to the celebration. While we may be a little early to the party, it is never too early to get a classic margarita from Mi Jalisco. We host specials on our house margaritas every Monday. It is no wonder that we are the go-to spot for authentic Mexican in Manchester. 


While our specials for margaritas are on Mondays, we wanted to share some fun facts about the famous drink today!


Margaritas are the Most Popular Cocktail in America.

In 2016, Nielsen conducted a survey to figure out what the most popular mixed drink in the country was. Then, it was found out that the margarita held the top spot in bargoer’s hearts. Even today, the margarita continues to grow in popularity. 


The Margarita has a Foggy Beginning.

No one really knows for sure about who made the first margarita. However, there are some legions behind it. One story that is commonly told is about a woman named Margarita Sames. In 1945, Sames hosted a party where she thought about making a drink from two of her favorites, Cointreau and Tequila. One of the party-goers was a bartender named Tommy Hilton. He fell in love with the beverage and decided to add it to the menu at his bar. While this sounds like it can be true, it is unlikely as the first written mention of a margarita came out in 1945. 


The First Frozen Margarita Machine was Created in 1971 

The thought of making a frozen margarita machine came after a man named Mariano Martinez spotted a Slurpee machine. At the time, Martinez owned a restaurant in Dallas, Texas, and after seeing the machine, he decided to re-vamp one of his own. He took one of his soft-serve ice cream machines and transformed it into the first frozen margarita machine. 


This Drink is How Much?

One of the most expensive margaritas that you can get costs $1200. This is because of the use of high-end ingredients such as a $1800 bottle of tequila and ice made from a $450 bottle of champagne. The drink is then mixed and served in a Ralph Lauren hand-blown crystal glass, which you can take home at the end of the night. However, if you thought this was a lot, another bar has sold the drink for nearly $30,000. In 2015, a bar in Austin, Texas, offered the costly drink with a side of diamond earrings. Thankfully, this was not an everyday menu item that the patrons at the bar could order. This was a special that wealthy individuals could get their significant other as Valentine’s day gift.


Celebrating National Margarita Day with Your Favorite Mexican Restaurant in Manchester!

Join our team at Mi Jalisco in celebrating the drink that we all have come to love. Because of our great hospitality and even better food, we have become one of the best places for Mexican in Manchester. Don’t worry, if you’re not local to Manchester we have locations you can visit in Keene, Milford, and Peterborough, allowing you to never miss out on the fun!

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