Authentic Mexican Food for the Holidays

~ 12/15/2021 ~

Authentic Mexican Food for the Holidays

In Mexico, women traditionally come together to cook massive amounts of food during holiday festivities. At Mi Jalisco, we take great pride in offering authentic Mexican food to Manchester for you and your family this holiday season to share this tradition. Generally, the mothers and daughters of Mexico spend days cooking and preparing meals for their families’ holiday gatherings. However, some of the items on this list of holiday treats are only a short drive away. 


Here are some of the Mexican must-haves to prepare for this holiday season.


Mexican Ponche

This drink goes great with any meal around the holiday season. Mexican Ponche is a warm, fruit punch blend that is made by combining flavors of apples, pears, guavas, and oranges which is then spiced with cinnamon, tamarind, and hibiscus. 


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Rosca de Reyes or “Three Kings Bread”

This dessert is traditionally made in late December for Posadas or for Día de Los Santos Reyes on January 6th. The holiday treat resembles a nicely decorated wreath covered with candied figs, lemon, cherries, and mangos.  


Mini Chicken Empanadas

While this dish can be made during any time of the year, many families make it during the holiday season as an appetizer for the bigger meals up ahead. This is because the dish is one of the simpler dishes you can make, and how many people favor it.


Lime-Chipotle Carnitas Tostadas

Another year-round dish that is a good option for an appetizer is a carnitas tostada. Simply put, carnitas resemble small soft tacos stuffed with pulled pork instead of beef. To top everything off, add some lettuce, onion, or guacamole to the top, and you might wish that it was the main course! 


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Red Posole

Red posole is a comforting Mexican stew. Filled with flavors from shredded pork, onion, chives, and a warm red chili sauce, this one is sure to warm the soul. No matter the time of year or the crowd, this is great to have with company, providing the warm feeling of being together with family.


Join the Mi Jalisco Family This Holiday Season

When it comes to authentic Mexican food in NH, there are many options to choose from. Mi Jalisco was built on the philosophy that everyone here is family to us. When you walk into one of our four establishments you will be greeted with a warming smile and food that will leave you impressed and wanting to come back for more. Ready to get authentic Mexican food in Manchester?


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This holiday season, visit Mi Jalisco in Keene, Peterborough, Milford, or Manchester for more an unforgettably delicious experience. We look forward to serving you!